If you are the type of person that does everything with undying devotion and vehement passion, and are actively trying to make the world a better place, then you are the type of person I love to work with.


Born and raised in Lower Manhattan, graduate of The Rensselaer School of Science, self-proclaimed Renaissance Man and Polymath, my interest in technology started as a kid taking apart my toys and my family's appliances. I went on to study Biochemistry, Math and Computer Science and I have been developing for the web for over 5 years. What started as a hobby as grown into a passionate career. Fresh out of College I began teaching web development as a part of a STEM course in a local highschool on the weekends, and those wonderful students inspired me to go out on my own and build bigger and better things.
Chief, highest, most important, leading
The application of science to solve problems
Latin suffix forming abstract nouns

What I live To Do

Full Stack Web Development

Make / Build / Invent

Community STEM Programs


Full Stack Web Development

Full Stack Web Development is still my first love and the main focus of what I do on a daily basis. Providing you with a web experience that matches your passion and cause both functionally and aesthetically will always be goal number one. This is my bread and butter, my utmost specialty and the skill in which I invest the most time. You will never be disappointed, as my resolve to do great work, my effort, results and the love for what I do is incontrovertible.


Invent and Innovate

I spend most of my spare my time creating, inventing and building new things (mostly to make my life easier). Things currently in development include an aluminum laptop stand with a built-in heatsink to aid in cooling, aluminum RFID blocking slim wallets (I love aluminum), all sorts of electric vehicles, a portable transcranial direct current stimulator (which can hopefully improve my workflow) and an app that could innovate the way in which we donate to charity. At my core I am a builder, maker and inventor.


Community STEM Programs

I believe its important for students of all backgrounds to be exposed to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at an early age, as to foster advancement and innovation in future generations. The way I want to do this is by enhancing STEM education early in high school through hands-on engineering projects and science experiments. Currently all the work I do and time I sacrifice is fully volunteered and we work on projects in electrical and mechanical engineering, software development and programming, robotics, and general research employing the scientific method.

Music I Like

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Aluminum Wallet

I love building things, and I needed a wallet that was slim, sturdy and wouldnt allow my sensitive information to be stolen. There wasnt anything on the market that fit exactly what I wanted, so I built my own. Pictured is the first prototype ever, and the one I still use today. I have built more by hand and given them as gifts, but more will be manufactured soon. If you want a wallet that is slim, durable and unique, let me know.

Where I Work

Great work requires a great environment, and since I've joined nowhere studios I couldnt be happier! My work space is beautiful relaxing environment that is unquestionably conducive to productivity. It is nowhere near the distractions of the city, and I am glad to work with like-minded, passionate individuals and companies pursuing success.

Things about me, in 2015.

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